Toy Tactics Received Its Third Early Access Update

Start Your Ultimate Quest to Glory

The indie game developer Kraken Empire and publisher Joystick Ventures have released the latest update for Toy Tactics today. This is the third one for the physics-based RTS game since its release on early access on 17 March 2023.

The title of this update is called ‘The Awakening of the Undead’ and it comes along with a brand-new faction called The Draugr. Not only that, there are other new features too. This includes a whole new campaign, units, relics, spells, and even a ship.

Toy Tactics

You will get to explore the land of Erebus, a lifeless place filled with lava where only the undead can survive. Take control of your former enemy, The Skeleton Army, and thrive amidst the erupting volcanos. Use your strategies and this new army and show the enemies that only the Undeads are welcome on this land.

Don’t fret if there is a growing number of lifeless bodies around. Your newfound Necromancer power will resurrect your foes and enlist them in your ranks. As the saying goes, the most effective way to vanquish your adversaries is to turn them into allies. Well even if it means confronting them in battles first and killing them.

Additionally, there will be an exclusive limited-time demo on Steam. Every gamer is invited to tune in to the game from 25 October at 7:00 a.m. PT until 1 November 2023. So what are you waiting for? Go dive right in and lead your army to victory.