Mario Wonder Ad Shows Bowser and Elephant Peach

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Ad Teases New Power-Up

The highly anticipated “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is on the brink of its debut, scheduled to hit the Nintendo Switch on October 20th, 2023. In preparation for this momentous release, Nintendo is fervently revving up its marketing engines, unleashing an onslaught of advertisements to ensure that the word reaches far and wide, ensuring everyone, from gaming aficionados to grandmothers, is well-informed about the impending arrival of this game.

One of the latest promotional endeavors is a charming video that unfolds a comical tale featuring Princess Peach and her persistent suitor, Bowser. In a surprising twist, Bowser abandons his usual kidnapping antics in favor of a more whimsical approach involving a simple flower. However, as fate would have it, a fortuitous encounter with an Elephant Fruit transforms Peach into the formidable Elephant Peach.

Bowser’s initial astonishment at witnessing Peach’s rapid transformation into Elephant Peach was only a momentary pause in his determination. Instead of being deterred, it only seemed to invigorate his resolve, prompting him to take his pursuit of Peach’s affection to the next level. In an almost instantaneous response, he produced a delightful bouquet filled with these peculiar Elephant Fruits.

This grand gesture not only demonstrated Bowser’s unwavering affection for Princess Peach but also showcased the depth of his commitment and devotion. It spoke volumes about the lengths he was willing to go to in his relentless quest to win her heart. Bowser’s actions conveyed a poignant message that transcended the playful whimsy of the advertisement.

This light-hearted advertisement offers a glimpse into the forthcoming game and effectively highlights the new Elephant ability, just one of the many exciting features awaiting players. For a more in-depth preview of the game, we recently dived headfirst into the gaming experience with a comprehensive hands-on session. If you’re eager to gain insights into our early impressions before the game’s official launch, be sure to check out our detailed preview.