PS5 Slim Will Require Internet for Detachable Disc Drive

The PS5 Slim Will Require an Internet Connection When Setting up the Detachable Disc Drive

The upcoming PS5 Slim introduces an intriguing twist: an obligatory internet connection for its detachable disc drive. This revelation was first shared by the Call of Duty Twitter account, CharlieINTEL, which spotted the information on the new PS5’s packaging.

According to the label, an internet connection is necessary to pair the Disc Drive and the PS5 console during the initial setup. This requirement has set off discussions about the console’s longevity and its implications. When a device depends on an internet connection, it is at the mercy of servers that could potentially be disabled in the future.

PS5 Slim

Scheduled for a November release, the new PlayStation 5 will entirely replace its predecessor. Buyers can opt for the full bundle at $499.99, complete with the disc drive, or the standalone console at a slightly reduced price of $449.99, which omits the disc drive.

This new development underscores the evolving nature of gaming consoles and their reliance on internet connectivity, raising questions about the future accessibility of gaming libraries and the potential limitations faced by users in the absence of a stable online connection.