PS5 Slim Release Date Leaked

The PS5 Slim Will Soon Be On Its Way

PlayStation 5 enthusiasts are in for a treat this November as a new, sleek “slim” model of the beloved console is rumored to hit the shelves. According to the insightful dataminer known as bilbil-kun, the much-anticipated slimmed-down PS5 is slated for release on November 10 in the United States. This exciting development applies to both versions of the console, accommodating those who prefer a disc drive as well as the digital-only unit.

Further details from the report, courtesy of VGC, reveal that the PS5 slim bundle featuring the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game will make its debut two days earlier, hitting the market on November 8, and will be priced at $560.

The PS5 slim, equipped with a Blu-ray disc drive, will retail for $500, while the all-digital edition will be available for $450 upon its launch. These slim models will become the new standard for the PS5, gradually phasing out their chunkier predecessors. Sony also intends to offer a separate disc drive accessory for $80, catering to those who initially opt for the digital edition and later wish to integrate a disc drive.

In terms of physical dimensions, the new PS5 models have been impressively reduced in volume by over 30%, with weight reductions of 18% and 24% compared to their bulkier predecessors. Both models will offer an ample 1TB SSD, ensuring ample storage capacity for gaming aficionados.

For those looking for even more excitement, a Modern Warfare III PS5 bundle is scheduled to coincide with the game’s release on November 10, at least in the European market.

November is shaping up to be an exhilarating month for gaming enthusiasts, with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launching on October 20, shortly followed by Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder, making it a remarkable time for first-party releases across the gaming world.