Margoq’s Lair Will Crawl Its Way Onto PC in 2024

Stop Margoq at All Costs

The indie video game studio Zillo Games is happy to announce that their upcoming title Margoq’s Lair will launch in the first half of 2024. The game will be available on PC via Steam. Moreover, you can try out the demo version right now on the same platform.

Margoq's Lair

Margoq’s Lair is a 2D top-down roguelike hack’n’slash dungeon crawler with pixelated graphics. In this action-packed game, you find yourself imprisoned by the malevolent wizard Margoq. You wake up on the lowest floor in his dungeon and your goal is to escape the 20 floors of the lair. Otherwise, Margoq will take over the world.

Players will engage in awesome combats, choose between randomly generated spells, and combine their skills to produce devastating attacks. There are tons of mythical items to collect as well on their journey to take down the evil wizard.

Here are some key features of the game:

  • Get more powerful with every playthrough (meta progression system).
  • Powerful and effective ability combos!
  • Experience the atmosphere of old-school classic board games, whilst playing through real-time action in a charming, but dark, pixel art world.
  • Upgrade and customize your stats by going to the next floor (level up), discovering hidden treasures, or looting the dead monsters.
  • Stats, abilities, and the very environment will change with each playthrough, ensuring a vast amount of replay value.
  • Permadeath on all difficulties ensures a blood-rushing, thrilling, and challenging experience, for players of all skill levels.

If you are a fan of roguelike games, make sure to put this one on your wish list.