Lords of the Fallen Receives Extensive Patches

Lords of the Fallen Experience Continues to be Improved with Player-Centric Updates

Hexworks, the developer behind the Soulslike title “Lords of the Fallen,” is demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the gaming experience with a series of recent patches. The game has been updated to version 1.1.224, and players can expect notable improvements that add depth to the gameplay and address various player requests.

One of the most significant changes introduced in this patch is the overhaul of New Game Plus (NG+) mode. Hexworks has revamped the NG+ experience by allowing players more flexibility after completing their initial playthrough. Once a player finishes NG+, they will now have the option to either advance to the next consecutive New Game level (e.g., moving from NG+1 to NG+2) or to replay the current NG, retaining their character, items, and progression. This option maintains the same difficulty level while resetting the entire world, including NPCs and questlines. This feature provides an excellent opportunity for trophy hunters and completionists to revisit outstanding tasks without dealing with increased difficulty, should they prefer to do so.

Further improvements to the NG+ experience are planned with another patch scheduled for Thursday, October 26. The upcoming update aims to enhance the NG+ mode by retaining key locations, gradually adapting to increased levels of challenge, and addressing the needs of players seeking a balanced experience. Hexworks has also teased the development of the “NG+ modifier system,” which will enable players to customize their NG+ experience fully. This system will offer options like retaining all vestiges, keeping a few, or removing them entirely, along with other modifiers such as a “hardcore” mode featuring permadeath, item and enemy randomizers, and more. Hexworks intends to release this modifier system before the end of the year.

In addition to NG+ improvements, Hexworks is working on refining enemy density by modifying the ‘leashing system’ that controls how far enemies will pursue players from their spawn point. This change ensures that players are not overwhelmed by relentless enemy hordes when progressing through a level. The forthcoming Thursday patch will focus on further fine-tuning enemy density, particularly in areas where players encounter significant challenges. These adjustments are aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for players who appreciate a more challenging gameplay environment.

Hexworks has also provided an update on crossplay, announcing its launch on consoles on October 23 and confirming its availability on all platforms by Thursday.

With these patches and continuous efforts to engage with player feedback, Hexworks is making “Lords of the Fallen” an evolving and player-centric experience. Players can look forward to a more balanced and enjoyable journey through the game’s dark and challenging world.

Patch Highlights:

  • NG+: The update introduces a new NG+ option, allowing players to restart the game world while retaining their current character level.
  • Enemy Density: Hexworks has enhanced the leashing system to limit how far enemies pursue players, preventing overwhelming enemy crowds during speedy map traversal.
  • Visuals: The patch addresses fog card artifacts in specific locations, ensuring an improved visual experience.

As Hexworks continues to listen to its player base, “Lords of the Fallen” promises to be an ever-evolving and player-friendly adventure into the realm of challenging gameplay.