Howl Unveils Trailer Showing Off Unique Art Style

Living Ink 

Step onto the page and explore a world of living ink. Prepare your brain for tactical combat and prepare to feast your eyes on an ever-expanding fairytale. Today,  Astragon Entertainment and Mi’pu’mi Games are happy to give players a more in-depth look at their upcoming turn-based adventure, Howl, in a new trailer. Inviting players to a parchment world that expands as they explore, the game allows players to adventure through over sixty levels and defeat the evil corrupting the story. Importantly, the new trailer gives players a glimpse of the gameplay, as well as, the unique and inspired art style. 


Howl introduces players to a medieval folktale set in a parchment world. Importantly, a “howling plague”  is turning the people of the land into feral beasts and horrific monsters. Luckily, players assume the role of a deaf heroine who is immune to the noise-based plague. However, just because she won’t turn into a monster doesn’t mean she is immune from their claws and teeth. There are various different kinds of beasts all with their own vitality and abilities. Yet, players aren’t without their own tricks. 

Interestingly, as players adventure, they will be able to plan six turns in advance to outmaneuver their enemies. However, when outmaneuvering fails, they have their trusty crossbow and an assortment of other tools at their disposal. Of course, players can check out the new “Art of Living Ink” trailer for a glimpse of Howl and its unique art style. View it below. 

Howl is releasing for the Nintendo Switch and PC in late 2023. Additionally, the game will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2024. A demo version is available for PC on Steam