Ghostrunner 2 Slashes Into Early Access With Brutal Edition

Welcome to the Tower 

The time has come to return to the Dharma Tower and break beyond its walls to the wastelands beyond. This time cultists and motorcycle action abound as you face your next set of challenges. Today, 505 Games and developer One More Level invite players to enter their dystopian action game, Ghostrunner 2.  The Brutal Edition of the game is out now on PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and invites players to experience lighting-fast combat as they explore and fight their way through this dystopian world. A demo trailer gives players a glimpse of the gameplay. 

Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2 re-introduces players to the world of Ghostrunner. Importantly, this time the game is taking players beyond the walls of the first game’s Dharma Tower. Players assume the role of Jack, a cybernetic ninja complete with an arsenal of deadly ninja weaponry. Of course, players can expect to see familiar weapons but that is far from all. Players can also look forward to using a grappling hook, shurikens, and more to devastate foes as they adventure through the Tower and the wastelands. 

Importantly, players who ordered the Brutal Edition have access to the game now, two days early. Additionally, players who ordered the Brutal Edition will also receive Exclusive, Sword, Hand, and Motorcycle Skins. Of course, players can get a look at the game from the demo trailer from last month. Check out the trailer below. 

Ghostrunner 2 Brutal Edition is out now on SteamPlayStation, Xbox Series S & X. Welcome to Ghostrunner.