Estelaroid: Escape Room Release Date Unveiled

Solve the Mystery of Your Spaceship

The indie game development studio Highlander Interactive has finally announced the release date of their upcoming title Estelaroid: Escape Room. The game will launch for PC via Steam on 8 November. Moreover, the demo version is already available on the same platform for everyone to try out.

Estelaroid Escape Room

Estelaroid: Escape Room is a science fiction-themed escape room puzzle game. You find yourself in a spaceship alone without any recollection of what you were doing there and what happened to the crew. And the more concerning part is that your spaceship is getting closer to a black hole.

You must put your brain to the test and solve a variety of puzzles to discover the mysteries of the ship. Decipher the riddles, discover strange new rooms, and repair the ship to escape from being trapped in the universe forever.

Key Features:

– Solve the puzzles
– Discover new rooms and Items
– Find out the mysteries that surround your ship

If you are a fan of the escape room puzzle genre and are looking for a new game to solve, then you should definitely keep an eye out for this one. Furthermore, to build up the hype, make sure to take a look at the official trailer of the game below.