BEAST – Official Early Access Teaser Is Finally Here

Save or Kill Your People

The video game development studio False Prophet dropped the Early Access teaser video of their upcoming game BEAST. This dynamic and brutal gridless tactical turn-based RPG will be available for PC via Steam on 25 October.


BEAST takes place in an alternate medieval world inspired by The Dark Ages of medieval Europe during the Black Plague. Military conflicts have torn apart the devoutly religious society. You play as Anto Sabbados, a war veteran who returns from a 10-year-long Ottoman slavery.

However, he soon finds that his Carpathian homeland is reigned by the demented prophet-king and the harsh condition of the place. Everything he loved and cherished is either gone or has changed beyond his comprehension. The only thing left for him is his soldier’s loyalty and a holy quest to end the plague.

Along his way, he will face off against hordes of enemies as well as his inner demons. Regardless, he must keep his sanity and make sure his quest is complete.

The game promises at least 40 hours of story that depends on your decisions because of the unique morality system. Players can choose to be the good guy and save the people. Or embrace the dark side to unleash havoc and kill them all.

If you are a fan of this genre and are interested in innovative gameplay mechanics, make sure to put this on your wish list. And make sure to take a look at the official teaser below.