A Hero’s Rest Reflecting With One Year Anniversary Celebration

A Year of Heroes 

A year is a lot of time. Especially in the world of games, a year gives a great deal of time for growth and updates. When it comes to RPGs specifically, a year allows for a plethora of content to arrive in a game. Of course, an anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on everything that a game has accomplished in a year. Today, Vanargand Games is reflecting on the one-year anniversary of their town management RPG, A Hero’s Rest. The game invites players to construct a medieval town in a fantasy world and after a year it has a lot for players to do. Importantly, a press release covered the milestones achieved in the last year. Additionally, a milestone trailer gives gamers a visual look at the accomplishments of the game. 


A Hero’s Rest allows players to construct their very own medieval town. Importantly, it’s the player’s job to ensure that there are plenty of buildings like inns and shops. Obviously, these stores need to be stocked with items, weapons, armor, and more. By stocking the stores, heroes will come to the town and spend their gold. This is a great thing given there are magical monsters roaming the land. 

After a year of updates, A Hero’s Rest has unveiled many noteworthy features. For instance, gear templates for crafting gear, an updated town ledger, trade routes, a perk system for customizing workstations, and more. Of course, players can get a visual look at the updates over the past year in the milestone trailer. Check it out below. 

A Hero’s Rest is available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.