The Chant Announces Free DLC “The Gloom Below”

The Chant Returns The Horror 

You may have escaped the island but that doesn’t mean the horrors are through with you yet. It’s almost time to address the curse in the room and face the Gloom head-on. Today, Prime Matter and PLAION are happy to announce a new free DLC for their third-person horror game, The Chant. The DLC, titled “The Gloom Below”, advances the game’s story once more merging the elements of the horrific titular world of The Gloom with the physical world. Of course, the DLC introduces a host of new content to the game. A press release discusses some of the details of the DLC. Additionally, a launch trailer for the DLC gives players a small glimpse into what awaits them. 

The Chant

The Chant invites players to a remote island controlled by a cult. After a ritual chant goes sideways players are left to fend off the denizens of a nightmare realm known as the Gloom. Importantly, the game allows players to strengthen their mind, body, and spirit, with various abilities and upgrades to resist the maddening influence of the Gloom. Additionally, players have access to a variety of weapons and methods to fight back against the monsters from this other realm.

Of course, The Gloom Below is bringing a whole load of new content to the game. For instance, players can expect additional lore, upgraded abilities, new weapons, and some new enemies. Furthermore, this DLC will have more of a focus on combat and the action elements of the game. Check out the trailer for the DLC below. 

The Chant is currently available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. The Gloom Below is releasing on September 12th.