The Bunny Graveyard Release Date Trailer- Watch It Now

Explore the Horrifying World of the Bunny Graveyard

Pichon Games just dropped a release date trailer of their upcoming game The Bunny Graveyard on their official YouTube channel. The game will finally launch for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on 22 September 2023. You can check out the demo version on Steam right now.

The Bunny Graveyard is set in a dark and eerie world inhabited by bizarre creatures. Players take control of a bunny who is on a quest to find the horrifying truth behind her existence.

The Bunny Graveyard

The game has a pixelated art style inspired by GBA and NDS graphics. The developers have said that they want the game to have a “cute and creepy” aesthetic that will both appeal to and unsettle players. So, it is clearly not intended for players who are easily scared.

However, they have also said that the game will have a “touch of humor” to help balance out the horror. We are sure that it will be a unique and promising game that is sure to appeal to fans of horror and adventure games. The game’s pixelated art style and dark and eerie setting are sure to create a memorable and unsettling experience.

Make sure to watch the release date trailer below.