Spirited Thief Steals Its Way to Release Today

Thievery: That’s The Spirit 

When you’re down on your luck as a thief, things tend to go pretty poorly. In fact, if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up in the dungeon. However, if you can think outside the box, get a little sneaky, and with a little help from an otherworldly friend, you may just make it big. Today, Koi Snowman Games and publisher Ishtar Games are pleased to announce the release of their turn-based stealth game, Spirited Thief. Out now on Steam, the game combines turn-based action and stealth. Importantly, the game’s use of two dynamic characters invites many unique mechanics for a special experience. A press release provides more details on the game itself. Additionally, players can watch the new launch trailer for a look at the game. 

Spirited Thief

Spirited Thief introduces players to Elaj and his ghostly accomplice Trin. Through a series of failed jobs, the luckless pair of these have angered their employers: The Thieves Guild. Yet, the two are far from out of ideas. In fact, they are planning even bigger heists. Ranging between castles, crypts, vaults, and more. Players will need to keep in mind that Elaj and Trin are a team. As such, players will learn to use both of the characters to successfully complete heists.  As Trin, players will scout locations undetected. During this phase, players will need to plan how they will accomplish the heist. Obviously, this is followed by Elaj being sent in to secure the loot. 

Importantly, players can check out the new launch trailer for a glimpse of this dynamic duo in action. View the trailer for Spirited Thief below. 

Spirited Thief is out now on PC via Steam