Spacewreck, Hardcore RPG, Unveils Story Trailer

This Space Station Is a Wreck

Prepare to enter a classic approach to RPGs. In the most brutal way possible of course. Yet, players can be ready for a great deal of freedom to come with their space-themed brutality, like the option to forego violence at all. Pahris Entertainment is happy to unveil the new story trailer for their upcoming hardcore RPG, Spacewreck. Releasing for PC via Steam on October 10th, the game invites players to a desolate space station decades after a major conflict. A press release provides more info on the game. Obviously, players are able to check out the new story trailer for a look at what is to come. 


Spacewreck introduces players to an RPG designed with the isometric classics in mind. In fact, the game harnesses turn-based combat, grid-based movement, and even dice rolls. Of course, alongside these staples of RPG history, the game will also allow players to have a great deal of freedom. When it comes to finishing their missions, and more. Importantly, players can become whoever they want on the space station. For instance, a sneaky hacker, a brawler, a smooth-talking rogue, and more. Every situation can be resolved in a multitude of ways, yet each approach players take is tied to their abilities and skills. However, it is important to keep in mind that combat is optional, and the game can be completely resolved without fighting. 

Of course, players can check out Spacewreck in the new story trailer for the game. Players can view the trailer below. It shows off the art style and gameplay.

Spacewreck is releasing on PC via Steam on October 10th.