Robo Frenzy Gets Frantic With New Demo

Robotic Battles 

Who knew a spilled cup of coffee could bring so much destruction? I suppose all it takes is one bad day for the once-caring, robot caretakers to turn on their handlers. Today, YummyYummyTummy is happy to announce that their sandbox boss battling game, Robo Frenzy, now has a playable demo on Steam. Out now alongside the Tokyo Game Show, the demo gives players a look at the robotic carnage they can expect from the full release. A press release goes into more details on the demo version of the game as well as hints at the contents of the full game. Furthermore, a trailer from the Tokyo Game Show release allows players to see firsthand what they can expect from the game. 

Robo Frenzy

Robo Frenzy invites players to step into Omniland. Once a shining and lovely city, a spilled cup of coffee on the server turns the massive caretaking robots into dangerous behemoths. However, the city is not doomed yet. Players take on the role of inventor and hero as they work to stop these bosses. Importantly, the game revolves around an ever-evolving hub world that players can customize for themselves. Additionally, players are also able to craft their very own weapons. For instance, build a cannon that shoots other weapons, or giant hands, or anything else players can imagine. Of course, every battle gives players more parts to construct different kinds of weapons and experiment with ways to defeat bosses. 

Players can get a better look at Robo Frenzy in the new demo trailer for the game. Check it out below.

Robo Frenzy is releasing at a later date. The demo is currently available on Steam until October 2nd.