Ooblets Will Arrive on Steam Next Month

Time to Relax in Ooblets

The developer Glumberland is excited to announce that Ooblets is finally getting a Steam release date. The game will land on the platform on 5 October. It originally launched on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Epic Games Store on September 1, 2022. Moreover, it is praised for its uniqueness and incorporation of different features by the gaming industry.


Ooblets is a relaxing and offbeat farming, town life, and creature collection game. You play as a new resident of Badgetown, a small town in Oob. And you must work to restore their abandoned farm. There are plenty of furniture and decor to collect for yourself to make your house cozy and comfortable. Above all, it contains a lot of options for customization in general.

Ooblets are an integral part of the game. They are little creatures which can be found or grown from seeds. These cute creatures will become your companions and help you with various tasks. You can use them in dance battles as well. Dance battles are a unique way to solve problems and progress in the game. To win, players must use their Ooblets’ special abilities to outsmart their opponents.

Not only that, there are so many things to do in this game. It includes daily challenges, tasks from the mayor, dance tournaments, quests from townsfolk, and many more. It also features real-time events with special rewards. After unlocking the player shop, you can sell the stuff you’ve grown and crafted to the people of Oob.

Well, we can say that it is a charming and relaxing game with a lot to offer. It’s perfect for players who enjoy farming, creature collecting, and casual gameplay.