Horizon Forbidden West Jewelry Available From PlayStation

Horizon Zero Bling

Some of the coolest design elements in the Horizon series is the fashion of the different tribes. Functional for the lives they live, yet stylish. Gamers like to rep their favorite titles with apparel, so fans of Horizon Forbidden West might like these items.

In a collaboration with Rocklove Jewelry, PlayStation Gear has launched the Horizon Raw Materials line. The jewelry in this line is inspired by items from the game, as well as other accessories characters wear. They range in price from $75-$125.


Starting with the least expensive items at $75, there is the Nora Feather Necklace. The chain carries a charm of an arrow with feathers protruding, in the shape of a larger feather. There is a replica of Rost’s Charm Necklace, which has a bird skull, that he gave to Aloy. Of course, there is also a Focus Ear Cuff. This fits over your ear, placing the Focus the way it rests on Aloy’s face.

At $95, there is a Hunter’s Bow Necklace. This one has moving parts. The bowstring is a chain that can be pulled back, shifting the arms. At $125, we have the Cauldron Spinner Unisex Ring. This can be ordered in different sizes. It also has a rotating face with symbols of the Cauldrons.

All the Horizon Forbidden West jewelry is made out of silver-plated brass except the Cauldron ring. The Cauldron ring is made out of sterling silver.

Horizon Forbidden West is available on PS4 and PS5.

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