AK-xolotl Locks and Loads Today on PC and Consoles

Cute and Deadly 

Have you ever thought to yourself: axolotls are so cute, but they would totally be better with guns? Well, then you’re in luck. Gamers rejoice, it’s time to lock and load. Today, Playstack and 2Awesome Studio are happy to announce that their top-down roguelike shooter, AK-xolotl, is out now on PC and consoles. Introducing players to the cutest gun-wielding amphibians, the game allows players to blast their way through the animal kingdom. Of course, a press release gives players some more details on the game and what it entails. Additionally, a new sweetly animated launch trailer allows gamers to see what’s in store for them. 


AK-xolotl invites players to raise axolotls and turn them into brutally efficient killing machines. By finding little eggs and hatching some Axolittles, players will be able to raise their own axolotls and give them special abilities by cooking hearty meals. Importantly, these axolittles will become players’ next fighters so its important to give them killer abilities. Additionally, players will be able to blast their way through the entire food chain with dozens of weapons each with their own assortment of upgrades. Of course, these kick-ass weapons are going to come in handy as players face different enemies and challenging bosses. 

Players can get a look at AK-xolotl in the new launch trailer for the game. Check out these cute and deadly little amphibians below. 

AK-xolotl is out now on PC via on SteamPlayStationXbox, and Nintendo Switch. So, grab some little critters and start blasting some guns.