Xbox Game Pass Is All Set to Launch Four Day One Games Next Month

Four Day One Games Releasing on Xbox Game Pass Coming Month

While the release date for the Bethesda game Starfield is already around the corner, other hits like Lies of P and Party Animals will also be launched this September. These highly anticipated game releases have generated a lot of excitement among Xbox Game Pass users worldwide. Fans eagerly await Starfield’s immersive space exploration experience, while Lies of P and Party Animals promise thrilling multiplayer gameplay and hilarious party antics.

Besides Starfield, four other day-one games will be released on the Xbox Game Pass platform. With Starfield being stated as the beginning of a multi-year relay race of first-party titles by Xbox Head Phil Spencer, he added that it is excellent news for all the platform users.

Xbox Game Pass

Lies of P will be launched on the Xbox Game Pass service on September 19, 2023. It would be further followed by the launch of Party Animals a day later and Payday 3 on September 21, 2023. With these three games to be released in a row, one after the other, September 2023 will be one of the most incredible months in Xbox platform history.

These highly anticipated releases showcase the commitment of Xbox to provide a diverse and exciting gaming experience for its subscribers. The consecutive launch of these titles demonstrates Xbox’s dedication to delivering continuous quality content, making it an exciting time for the platform users.