The Xbox Series X Prices Are Unlikely to Fall Very Soon

The Xbox Series X Prices Are Not Going to Decrease Soon

In a conversation with Eurogamer at Gamescom, it was disclosed by Spencer that Xbox prices are not going to decrease anytime soon. While the decrease in console costs was common in the previous generation of the Xbox series, Spencer added that this is not the case with the current generation. The Xbox Series S consoles were already designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, so a price drop was possible there.

Spencer explained that the current generation of Xbox consoles, including the Xbox Series X, were priced competitively considering their advanced features and performance. He emphasized that Microsoft focuses on delivering value to gamers through innovative technologies and services rather than reducing prices. Additionally, Spencer mentioned that they constantly explore ways to enhance the gaming experience without compromising quality or affordability.

Xbox Series X

Spencer further added that price points play a significant role in reaching more consumers. As a hardware maker, he said it was not easy to buy components as nobody in the market made such good-quality RAM or other components. It is no longer possible for a device to run for 10 years. This is the reason that we have fixed pricing for consoles nowadays.

Apart from the consoles’ price point, Spences revealed that Xbox would bring in more players in the coming time. This way, Xbox games would be available in multiple places, including PCs. Microsoft increased the cost of Xbox Series X consoles in June due to competitive conditions in the market.