The Time I Have Left Unveils Gameplay at Gamescom

Six Hours is All the Time You Have

In exactly six hours, you’ll be dead. Or at least the character you’re playing as will be. In a way, you’ll need to make your own time in this time-focussed exploration of narrative and mortality. Today, GROUND Game Atelier is excited to unveil the first look at the gameplay of their upcoming title, The Time I Have Left, with a trailer. The game blends genres to bring a new kind of adventure to players. Focusing on the mysterious flow of time, RPG elements, and changes to the classic JRPG formula, the game aims to bring players into its world with a gripping tale. A press release provides some more information about the title. Of course, the new gameplay trailer gives players a look at what they can expect from the game. 

The Time I Have Left Title

The Time I Have Left introduces players to Aline. Aline is chronically ill with a mysterious condition that will kill her in just six hours. As Aline players will embark on a mysterious mission to escape the underground complex of Colony 7. Importantly, you only have six hours. Or so it would seem. Time moves in strange ways. Interestingly, the game uses time as a mechanic, allowing players to escape each stage in the nick of time to use their time efficiently. Of course, players will be able to unlock new abilities and skills to combat the horrible visions of death Aline faces. 

Players can check out The Time I Have Left’s gameplay in the new trailer. View it below for a look at the action. 

The Time I Have Left is releasing to PC via Steam in 2024.