Starfield Developers Can Expand the Game by Adding New Planets

New Planets Can Be Added to Starfield by the Developers

The upcoming action RPG Starfield allows the game developers to include new planets in their star system. Only 10% of the planets in Starfield’s default experience will be livable, but hundreds will still be.


These non-livable planets will offer unique environments, resources, and challenges for players to explore and discover. From barren wastelands to toxic atmospheres, each planet will have distinct characteristics that add depth and variety to the game’s universe.


Starfield is slated to use procedural generation on a more ambitious scale than other Bethesda games, even though it will include hundreds of hours of handmade content. This means that players can expect a vast and ever-changing universe with endless possibilities for exploration and adventure.

The combination of procedural generation and carefully crafted content ensures that no two planets or experiences will be identical, making each playthrough a unique journey.

In a recent Gamescom interview, Pete Hines stated that developers would have access to tools to create entirely new worlds in addition to new missions and tales. Total conversion modifications have some fantastic opportunities now that generating brand-new planets from the start is possible, either by using Starfield’s procedural generation tools or by traditionally doing things.

The game’s design community may wind up supporting it on an even grander scale than Skyrim due to the sheer volume of material arriving at launch, including Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC. For many game developers, using a contemporary Creation Kit is like starting again with a brand-new engine and a blank canvas to paint on.