Sengoku Dynasty Builds Its Way to Early Access

An Era of Exploration 

Feudal Japan awaits those brave enough to enter its untamed lands. Of course, who you become here will be up to you. Will you become a great leader of people? A bandit? A simple farmer? The choices are unlimited and so are your chances at telling a story. Today, Superkami Games and Toplitz Productions are joyed to bring their life sim, Sengoku Dynasty, to Steam Early Access. Blending village building, RPG elements, and adventure, the game allows players to explore a new perspective on a legendary era of Japanese history. A press release delves into more details about the game. Additionally, a new release trailer allows players to see exactly what is waiting for them in the Sengoku Era. 

Sengoku Dynasty

Sengoku Dynasty places players in feudal Japan where they must make their own way through history. Of course, players begin their lives as a humble peasant with no attachments. However, what they become is up to them. Sengoku Dynasty allows players to live out their adventure however they want. For instance, players can choose the way of the blade and become a warrior, they can pick up a hammer and choose the blacksmith life, or even be a simple hunter. Importantly, players can take it upon themselves to build an expansive settlement that they will need to help survive. 

Players can check out the launch trailer for Sengoku Dynasty for a better look at what they can expect. View the trailer below. 

Sengoku Dynasty is out now on Steam Early Access.