Sclash Draws Its Blade at EVO

Strike Fast 

EVO is always a time of new. Exciting new titles and news from beloved studios. It’s obvious that Bevel Bakery and Abiding Bridge are getting in on all of this with the launch of their new fighting game, Sclash. Aiming to pit reflexes and mettle of players in 1v1 Samurai battles, the game launched at EVO on Friday afternoon. Featuring 2D animation and intense, life-or-death, mechanics, players will experience a unique fighting game where a match can end in a single strike. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players are able to check out the launch trailer for a look at the art style and gameplay. 


Sclash invites players to become samurai. In these 1v1 battles, players will need to learn how to use their reflexes, speed, and more to come out on top. Interestingly, the game functions realistically in the concept that a single attack can end the fight. Of course, this means that every action a player makes needs to be calculated. However, with a selection of five characters to learn, players will need to adjust to every kind of style to learn to win. 

Importantly, players will be able to unlock a large amount of cosmetics just by playing the game for each character. Of course, players will be able to see the hand-drawn character models and hand-painted maps, in the new launch trailer for Schlash. Check out the trailer below. 

Sclash is out now on Steam. Currently, the game is 15% off in celebration of the launch of the game.