Inkbound Introduces Captain Class in Starship of Terrors Update

Storybooks Go Sci-Fi 

It’s always a great time when a game can seamlessly blend genres. Interestingly, it’s even more fun when the genre-blending introduces a new playable character. Today, developers Shiny Shoe are happy to announce the newest class coming to their tactical roguelike, Inkbound. The new class, arriving in the Starship of Terrors update later this month, introduces the new Captain class to the game. Focussing on team-wide auras and lasers, the Captain raises the number of playable characters to six. A press release provides insights on the Captain and the update itself. 


Inkbound introduces players to a new take on the turn-based roguelike genre. Either alone or in co-op, players dive into Atheneum Library’s fantastical world and its dangerous books. Of course, outside of combat players can move freely, acting all at the same time players are free to utilize their abilities as they wish. However, once they enter combat, they are locked into turns. Interestingly, the game allows players to design different builds ensuring they can adapt new strategies. Additionally, it allows for players to have replayability in each run. 

The newest class, the Captain, focuses on buffing his teammates with auras. However, he is far from just a support character. Using massive lasers, he is also able to chain damage between foes. Additionally, they can harness the power of frost to deal extensive damage to enemies. Furthermore, the character is also arriving with a whole new story to explore with the arrival of the derelict starship. This new story will include sci-fi themes and a new alien enemy known as the Unravelled. 

Inkbound is currently available for PC on Steam Early Access