Imagine Dragons Releases Song for Starfield Debut

Imagine Dragons Set the Stage for Starfield

In an exciting synergy of art and gaming, Bethesda has joined forces with the renowned band Imagine Dragons to compose an original song that captures the essence of their upcoming game, Starfield. Titled “Children of the Sky (a Starfield song),” the lyrics elegantly intertwine with the game’s themes, delivering an ethereal experience.

“We’re children of the sky, flying up so high, let me be that one, to find the brightest sun,” resonates as a verse from the song, reflecting the cosmic exploration that awaits players. You can now stream the song on all major platforms such as Apple Music & Spotify.

Listen Here:

Imagine Dragons’ prior forays into gaming music include their contribution to the League of Legends TV series Arcane, showcased at The Game Awards. This collaboration follows a trend set by luminaries like Paul McCartney, who composed “Hope for the Future” for Destiny. Above all, it showcases¬†the industry’s growing synergy with music.

As the much-anticipated Starfield approaches its launch on August 31, preloading has begun on Xbox PC via Microsoft Store and Steam. While enthusiasts gear up for this celestial journey, the unique musical partnership adds an extra dimension of anticipation to the game’s release.