Hogwarts Legacy Intro Involves Mirror Effect

Hogwarts Legacy: A Player Revealed the Mirror Effect in the Intro

A recent Hogwarts Legacy video illustrates how the mirror effect is used in the opening sequence. Many users have shared surprising details about this Avalanche Software game since it was released in February.

Despite being released over six months ago, Hogwarts Legacy still holds many secrets to reveal. A mysterious snowman and a frog bug were revealed by some fans earlier. Some players have even discovered a memorial set up for the late actor Robbie Coltraine.

Hogwarts Legacy

A Reddit user who is a fan of Hogwarts Legacy submitted a video clip in which the game camera was moved in any direction using Universal Unreal Engine Unlocker. At the very start of the intro, the main character is shown standing next to Professor Fig in front of the magical stone.

Like Harry Potter, this game also takes place in a mysterious realm. As a result, the developers have made every effort to implement the mirror effect properly. The realistic depiction of the magical stone and its importance in the game’s opening scenario shows how much attention to detail went into this software published under the Portkey Label.

It is admirable that the makers put so much effort into giving players a realistic and immersive experience since it perfectly encapsulates the Harry Potter world.