Berserk Boy Demo Version Released on PC via Steam

Break Your Limits in Berserk Boy

The developer BerserkBoy Games has released a demo version of the action platformer game Berserk Boy on PC via Steam. Moreover, the game draws inspiration from anime and retro titles like Mega Man and Metroid.

Tee Lopes composed the game’s soundtrack. He is also the person behind the soundtracks for Sonic Mania, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, and the Mr X Nightmare expansion for Streets of Rage 4.

Berserk Boy

The story of the game reads, “In the distant future, a mad scientist and his army of darkness seek to enslave the people of Earth. Hope for all humanity rests with The Resistance, but are they enough? Enter Kei, a rookie hero who is transformed by mysterious Orb energy into BERSERK BOY!

With high-speed action and the power to defeat evil, BERSERK BOY must face off against the diabolical Dr. Genos and his army of Dark Energy minions. Can he save the world before it’s too late? It’s time to GO BERSERK!”

The game is created with the inspiration to fuse Mega Man and Metroid together. Players obtain new powers by defeating bosses just like in Mega Man. As well as use these powers to revisit previous stages and explore inaccessible areas just like in Metroid.

“Explore huge levels with speed and elegance as you grind rails, climb walls, and dash your way through,” the game’s blurb reads. “Take on swarms of enemies utilizing all of your combat skills and transformations.”

It also adds, “Berserk Boy brings retro gaming into the modern age with slick and stylish platforming action. Inspired by the genre greats, you’ll be able to play for big scores and fast times in this modern adventure with a retro feel.”

The developer plans to release the game on Steam in 2024.

Make sure to check out the relaunch trailer below.