Xbox Announces Xbox Game Pass Core

The Future of Gold 

For over two decades, Xbox Live has been a staple of online multiplayer. Of course, Xbox Live Gold has been the method of multiplayer play and access to more features like Games with Gold and more. Yet, like everything Xbox Live Gold is now evolving. Today, Xbox announced a massive new evolution of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass: Xbox Game Pass Core. Allowing players to get the most out of their Xbox experience the Game Pass Core is the next evolution in the lifespan of Live. A press release provides more details on this new development. 

Xbox Game Pass Core

Xbox Game Pass Core is combining the benefits of Gold with the collection of games from Games Pass. Importantly, the subscription is releasing on September 14th, and as it is introduced it will replace Xbox Live Gold. Of course, all current Gold members will have their Gold automatically replaced. The arrival of this new program comes with many benefits. For instance, it will combine the Xbox Games Pass and Live Gold to allow players to have access to a whole assortment of games. Additionally, players will have access to the Games with Gold feature bringing them over 25 titles that they can access. 

The first titles coming to the new Game Pass Core include Gears 5, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Grounded, and more. Importantly, the introduction of this new subscription means the end of Games with Gold. As of September 1st, Games with Gold will be no more as it integrates into Game Pass Core. 

Of course, the Xbox Game Pass Core includes different levels of subscriptions ranging from standard $9.99 a month to Ultimate for $16.99 a month. Either way, players will be able to access anywhere from twenty-five to hundreds of games right on their consoles.