Inner Ashes Embarks on a Journey of Memory

A Tale of Memory 

Some games are developed with the key goal of telling an important story. Specifically, some are thought about in a way that brings important visibility to sometimes overlooked issues. Calathea Game Studio is bringing visibility to neurodegenerative diseases with its new first-person narrative adventure, Inner Ashes. Providing a thought-provoking, and emotional, experience the game introduces players to the daily life of an Alzheimer’s Disease patient. Importantly, a press release provides more details on the specifics of the game. Additionally, a launch trailer gives players a look at this thought-provoking tale. 

Inner Ashes

Inner Ashes introduces players to Henry. These days, Henry doesn’t seem to remember much. His memories are fading away and his life has been upturned. However, after receiving a letter from his daughter Enid, Henry must sort out some complicated memories about their relationship and what led to their separation. Importantly, the game places players in first-person dream states that are both explorative and melancholic. Every piece of the game aims to deliver an emotionally impactful narrative, from the art style to the music and story. Of course, players will need to explore, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles, all inspired by real challenges that Alzheimer’s patients deal with in real life. 

Players can get a look at the game in the launch trailer. Importantly, the trailer shows off the gameplay, art style, and even the music. Of course, gamers can check it out below. 

Inner Ashes is out now for PCPS5, PS4Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. So, are you willing to embark on a tale of love, loss, and memory?