ExeKiller Bringing the Apocalypse to the Wild West in 2025

Post-Apocalyptic New York 

Prepare to step into a Wild Westernized New York. A post-apocalyptic adventure awaits,  full of killer robots and megacorporations. Today, Null Games and Paradark Studio are happy to announce that they will release their first title the action-adventure game, ExeKiller, in 2025. Placing players into the boots of the titular character, players will bounty hunt their way across post-apocalyptic New York. A press release provides some early details about the game, its setting, and its gameplay. Furthermore, a gameplay reveal trailer gives players a perfect glimpse of the bounty-hunting action. 


ExeKiller places players in control of the titular character, a ruthless bounty hunter in the wastelands of post-apocalyptic New York. Exploring an open-world players will have the option to experience dynamic weather, radioactive storms, and roving bandits. Of course, choice drives the gameplay of the game. On missions to retrieve S.O.U.L.S, bio-chips within beings that gather data about them, players will the choice to kill, arrest, or set free each target. Importantly, players will have a vast arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and other tools to get the job done. Before the shooting starts, players can always try to talk their way out of things. 

Players can check out the gameplay reveal trailer for a glimpse of the game. In addition to gameplay, the trailer shows off the game’s aesthetic, setting, and more. View the trailer below. 

ExeKiller will be releasing in 2025. Though there is currently no exact release date for the game, players can wish list it on Steam