WoW Classic Will Feature A Hardcore Mode In The Future

WoW Classic Will Feature A Hardcore Mode In The Future

World of Warcraft is the biggest MMORPG in history and one of the biggest titles ever. It certainly set trends in the gaming industry. Blizzard Entertainment consistently released content for the game, and decided to allow fans to replay the past with the release of Classic. Today, the company has announced that they will be adding a Hardcore mode to Classic WoW in the future. Players that subscribe to the game will be able to access the Classic mode.

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Via its official forum, the Senior Game Producer Aggrend stated, “We’ve been working to bring official Hardcore Classic gameplay to WoW Classic. We’ve been very energized by the community’s enthusiasm for Hardcore, watching along with you, and doing a lot of Hardcore play ourselves.” Furthermore, the company has disclosed some details for the upcoming mode. It will be in PTR for several weeks and set to launch sometime in summer. Furthermore, players will have one-life and once they die, they will be unable to resurrect.

Additionally, players can duel with other persons to their death if they so choose. Also, the Hardcore mode will be its own entity. Therefore, players can continue to enjoy WoW Classic without fear of dying permanently. Currently, players can enjoy WoW Classic until the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. In the expansion, players will face off against Arthas as they progress through the infamous Naxxrammas raid.

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