Warlander Wages War on Consoles Today

The Battlefield Awaits 

A world of medieval warfare awaits. Players on consoles can take up arms now and fight a whole new kind of war. Today, Toylogic and Plaion are excited to announce the release of their hack-and-slash, shooter, strategy game Warlander on consoles. Introducing players to 100v100 battles set in a fantasy medieval world where players can find their preferred playstyle and hopefully turn the tide in their favor. Of course, a press release delves into more details on the console versions of the game. Furthermore, a new console trailer gives players a glimpse of the action. 


Warlander introduces players to a full-scale battlefield featuring 100-player servers, full-on castle sieges, and more. Importantly, players choose from three distinctive classes that make up each army on the field of battle. Those who desire the close quarters’ brutality can play as the warrior. Players who want a magical playstyle, with ranged capabilities, can play as the mage. And of course, your ranks would be nothing without the healing power of the Cleric. 

Season 1 of the game’s ongoing content plan begins simultaneously on all platforms and will contain new armor skins, new weapons, new emblems, new titles, and more. Additionally, the game provides players with full cross-play capabilities on all platforms. Check out the new console trailer below for a look at the action. 

Warlander is out now on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. So, are you ready to step onto the battlefield and start battling your way to victory?