Hawken Reborn Revives Mech Fighting This Week

Phoenix Metaphor

The year is 2012. Mechs are at maximum coolness and gamers have mech games. 505 Games releases Hawken on PC. It was the last time the world knew peace. It was subsequently released on Xbox One in 2014 and on PS4 in 2016. Today, 505 Games announced Hawken Reborn is taking flight.

The PC servers for Hawken went offline in 2018. Today, the series is being revived. Hawken Reborn will be a brand new free-to-play game, bringing back the gameplay we remember from yester-decade. It is launching in early access on Steam this week, focusing on a PvE experience.

Hawken Reborn

The original game had PvE and PvP modes. With the free-to-play and early access models in place, hopefully 505 Games can add multiplayer modes in the coming months. While the developers have not said one way or another that there will be a PvP mode, fans are holding out for online mech-battling experience.

Interestingly enough, in 2020, a group of fans had launched an effort to revive Hawken themselves. Known as “Hawakening”, they released an offline single-player version with bots. They had hoped to add online and multiplayer functions, but have thus far been unable to do so. It sounds like the universe has answered their prayers with Hawken Reborn.

Hawken Reborn will enter early access on May 17th on PC.

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