Chasing the Unseen Announces Demo Launching In May

Colossal Beasts 

Prepare to embark on a spiritual journey. A journey that will transport you across various fractal environments where you will face massive creatures. Of course, on this journey, you will eventually find exactly what you’re looking for. Today, Strange Shift Studios is happy to announce that their upcoming adventure game, Chasing the Unseen, is receiving a demo this month. Releasing on May 17th, the demo will introduce players to a taste of what the game offers, from the visuals to the climbable monstrosities and exploration of one of the game’s fractal environments. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the reveal trailer from a couple of months ago for an early look at the game. 


Chasing the Unseen introduces players to mysterious otherworldly landscapes as they embark on an adventure. Playing as an unnamed boy, players will dive into abstract and wonderous levels generated with fractal math and other procedural techniques. Importantly, in each of these abstract worlds, players will also be able to view, climb on, and stand in awe of massive monsters. From gargantuan octopi to massive leviathans and more there are many creatures to observe and interact with. However, despite the beasts, Chasing the Unseen is a game about finding peace and serenity while searching for the self. 

Of course, players can get a better look at the game from the reveal trailer. Check it out below. 

Chasing the Unseen is releasing a demo on May 17th. Currently, the game is available for wish list on Steam