Suffer the Night Bringing 80’s Horror to PC with Release

Cryptic Horror 

Welcome to a horrific world beyond comprehension. It’s dark, terrifying, and brings you right back to the ’80’s. Hopefully you’ll survive. Today, indie publisher Assemble Entertainment and solo developer Tainted Pact are excited to announce the release of their survival horror game, Suffer the Night. Blending both old school and new school horror, the game invites players into a spine tingling adventure in which they struggle to survive. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the new release trailer for a better look at the horrors that await them. 

Suffer the Night, Red Text

Suffer the Night introduces players to  Stacey Liden. Stacey is an illustrator that is sent a mysterious envelope with a floppy disk inside. After putting the floppy disk in her old computer she discovers a text based game, that a stranger urges her to complete. However, as she plays, the horrific events of the game begin leaking into the real world. 

As Stacey, players will attempt to survive the night in first person. Of course, the players will need to flex their old school gaming muscles as they navigate the grisly and dark text-based game within a game. However, players must also use their wits to survive, as the stranger who sent the floppy disk makes himself known. It would be best for your survival to not let him in. Check out the release trailer for a look at the game. 

Suffer the Night is out now for PC via Steam. So, are you ready for some spine-chilling horror?