Here’s Why NFT Marketplace Should Accept SHIB – NowPayments Highlights

Meme coins are becoming an important part of the Crypto industry. And, Shiba Inu is one of the popular meme coins in the market at present. But why should NFT Marketplaces accept this coin?

The major reason behind this is the rise in revenue and several users in this marketplace. NowPayments is one of the topmost non-custodial Crypto payment centers for all businesses. This firm is highlighting the fact that NFT marketplaces should now start accepting SHIB soon. Other than this If you want to invest in bit coins then you can visit online trading platforms like bitcoin profit

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Why Is NowPayments Emphasizing On The Need Of Accepting SHIB?

With the advent of Shiba Inu, the face of the meme coin has changed. With the launch of the Shibarium network, the popularity of this coin reached its peak!

Despite this, SHIB is the center of attraction of this Crypto and the community is enthusiastic about it! Also, investors are considering it for their capitalization of the same. Also, SHIB offers the freedom of anonymous payments around the world.

This can be helpful for NFT marketplaces, as they can earn benefits from SHIB payments. And in this task, NowPayments can help such platforms which are thinking of accepting Cryptocurrencies.

A Glimpse About Shiba Inu And Its Benefits

This Crypto is making news around the industry by becoming one of the prominent coins. Shiba Inu holds its position among those with a high market cap. You can consider this coin a revolutionary one in the market.

This is because SHIB highlights the fact that meme coins can be a better investment option than most other dominant coins in the industry. Also, it shows that meme coins can have associated utility as well.

Besides these, Shiba Inu will also launch the Shibarium network, which is a layer-2 solution. With this, the network will turn into a complete DeFi space.

Transfer Any Amount Around The World:

And are you aware of the benefits of this Crypto? It has a bunch of benefits that make SHIB worth investing in!

You can transfer the tokens to any part of the globe without any stress! This can be possible with Cryptos like Shiba Inu alone.


As this network is private, it does not ask you to reveal any of your details! If you own a business that focuses on offering privacy payment options to your customers, Shiba Inu can be the best option!

If your clients pay for your services in SHIB, they can get anonymity at its best.

Large Community:

Shiba Inu has a large community of enthusiasts. More than 1 million people are in this community at present, which is a huge amount. And the community is quite passionate too! If you want to join the SHIBArmy as well, start accepting SHIB as payments.

How Will NowPayments Help Businesses?

NowPayments emphasizes that businesses accept SHIB due to its popularity and bunch of benefits. This platform observed that by accepting SHIB, businesses will have a chance to use the wide community of this coin.

This coin has a wide number of enthusiasts and users. This will provide an easy target audience for your business and you can enhance your user base!

Apart from that, you don’t even need to worry about settling the foreign payments. Because foreign payments would require different accounts and a lot of other procedures to fulfill. But with SHIB, you can do it within no time, and that too, without meeting any eligibility criteria!

Many businesses are now starting to accept SHIB as their payment option. The names on the list include Gucci, Taylor Travel Management, and others.

More than 40,000 merchants have started to accept it as a payment option. The businesses carry out this with the help of an agreement called, Flexa.


NowPayments will help the NFT marketplace to accept payments in SHIB, via their Custodial Recurring Payments tool. Many businesses are already starting to accept this system with the help of NowPayments. And, Shiba Inu is worth the hype!

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