End of Lines, Coming to PC and Switch in May

A Beautiful Catastrophe 

Welcome to the end of the world. The late 21st century holds nothing but heartbreak in a world where humanity failed to act on climate change. Yet, maybe there’s some hope. Today, Nova Box is happy to announce the release date for their interactive graphic novel, End of Lines. Releasing on May 25th on Nintendo Switch and PC, the game is bringing players to a future world where climate change is ending the planet. Of course, the game is hand-painted in art style and like other award winning games from Nova Box’s catalogue. A press release goes into more details about the game. Additionally, fans can check out the new trailer for a look at the iconic art style and story of the game. 

End of Lines

End of Lines invites players to follow a group of survivors as they travel across the devastated countryside of Southern Europe. Camille, Nora, their son Sam as well as their uncle and a host of friends they make along the way, make up the main party. However, they exist in a world that is fundamentally broken. For centuries humanity did nothing in their efforts of stopping climate change. Now, it’s too late. 

Now, players take on the party. Of course, in this world, every choice matters. Players will need to manage the supplies and morale of their group. Importantly, the world is one in which death lurks around every corner. However, it is not only darkness, the tale let’s players find hope in even the smallest places. Check out the trailer for a look at the art style and gameplay. 

End of Lines is releasing for Steam and Nintendo Switch on May 25th.