Bread & Fred, Co-Op Platformer Sliding Onto PC in May

Penguin Platforming 

Penguins can be pretty popular. With over 1-million demo downloads this penguin based platformer has proven this fact to be the case. Today, Sand Castles Studio is happy to announce the release date of their upcoming co-op platformer, Bread & Fred. The game, centering around two penguins, builds on the classic platforming model and introduces brand new mechanics for a totally unique experience. A press release provides more details on the game itself. Additionally, players can check out the release date trailer for the game for a better look at what to expect. 

Bread & Fred

Bread & Fred invites players to scale a dangerous mountains. However, they won’t be alone. The game requires players  to time jumps in perfect harmony with one another and work as a team through various puzzles to succeed. Of course, this means communication is key. One false move, one tiny mistake, can send both of our flightless heroes tumbling down the steep side of the mountain. Importantly, every step up the mountain becomes increasingly difficult. Players will face ice, wind, and moving platforms that make executing the perfect jumps that much harder. Additionally, as players complete levels and challenges, they can unlock new content such as skins, and unlocks for an adorable story told through photos. Furthermore, those seeking a real challenge can attempt speedy synchronized ice-climbing in Speedrun Mode. 

Of course, the release date trailer gives players a look at the gameplay and art style of the game. Check it out below. 

Bread & Fred launches on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 on Steam for PC Epic Games Store. A demo is currently available on Steam