Ash of Gods: The Way Heads to Battle Next Week on Switch

The Way of Warriors 

It’s almost time to step into a world of tactical combat. A world of warriors, legendary equipment, and spell craft. Soon, you will master The Way. Today, developer AurumDust is happy to announce that their tactical deckbuilding game, Ash of Gods: The Way, is releasing next week to PC and Switch. Releasing on April 27th, the game combines elements of strategy games and deckbuilders to provide players with a unique and versatile game experience. A press release provides more details about the upcoming game. Furthermore, a gameplay trailer gives players a look at what they will experience. 

Ash of Gods

Ash of Gods: The Way introduces players to a young boy named Finn. His family and home are destroyed by invading soldiers from a neighboring kingdom. Importantly, years later, the threat returns. Only this time, Finn is grown and ready. Playing as Finn, players will construct a deck of warriors, weapons and wizardry. Playing different combinations of these cards will lead to different effects and results on an ever-changing battlefield. Interestingly, each battle will have its own objectives, rules, and terrains. As players collect different cards they can put together a deck that reflects their playstyle. 

Additionally, players can look forward to a an interactive story featuring multiple endings and fully voice-acted cutscenes and dialogue. Of course, players can get a look at the game in the gameplay trailer. Check it out below. 

Ash of Gods: The Way is coming to  Steam  and Nintendo Switch on April 27th, 2022. Currently a free prologue demo is available to play. So, are you excited to discover The Way?