RWBY Arrowfell Collector’s Edition Is for the Hardcore Fans of the Series


RWBY Arrowfell launched on all modern platforms late last year. It is a supplementary adventure starring the characters from the webseries anime RWBY. Despite being made by developer and publisher that brought us the Shantae series, it just didn’t live up to it’s potential in our review.

When it comes to a Collector’s Edition, the value lies beyond the actual content of the game. There are usually really neat goodies included. That is the case with RWBY Arrowfell Collector’s Edition from Limited Run Games. Even if this isn’t your type of game, fans of the series will like the other contents.

RWBY Arrowfell

The game introduces a brand new team called Team BRIR. They are a mysterious group of Huntresses and we don’t exactly know where they stand on the line of Good and Evil, at least not right away. This Collector’s Edition heavily features BRIR.

Apart from the base game, RWBY Arrowfell Collector’s Edition comes with a physical soundtrack, a Challenge Coin, an Acrylic Standee, and a reversible poster. The Challenge Coin is a replica of Remnant’s currency called Lien. On one side, it has the emblems of each member of RWBY.

The Acrylic Standee features the members of Team BRIR; Bianca, Roane, Ivy, and Ruda. The poster also has Team BRIR, but on the opposite side, there is a map of Atlas, where the game takes place. What look like Tetris pieces on the map are actually each of the levels mapped out in their respective area.

RWBY Arrowfell is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The Collector’s Edition can be purchased for any platform except PC. It goes on sale on February 10th.

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