Post Void Speeds onto Switch and PlayStation

Speed Over Everything 

It’s time to dive head first into the void. You need to be fast and lethal as you make your way through. Slowing down only means failure. Do you have what it takes? Today, Super Rare Games is happy to announce the release of their action-arcade FPS, Post Void, on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. Combining elements of early FPS designs, and fast-paced action, the game provides a unique and adrenaline pumping experience. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, players can check out the announcement trailer from last year for a look at the gameplay and art style. 

Post Void calls upon players to do only a couple things. Kill everything and do it quickly. Players find themselves in chaotic arena like settings during a run. They must kill everything they see to fill their golden idol and stop their health from draining. Of course, this needs to be done quickly or they will fail the run. Importantly, they will have a chance at the end of each level to upgrade their character for the current run and dive back into the hectic mayhem of Post Void. Every run of the game is different. Interestingly, this is because of the procedurally generated levels. 

Of course, players can get a look at all of the chaotic action of Post Void in the announcement trailer. Check it out below. 

Post Void is out now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles. More information about the game is available on Super Rare’s website. So, are you ready for the mayhem?