Outlanders Begins Building on Steam Today

Connect, Rebuild, Explore 

It’s time to start building. The frontier awaits and it’s time to create some towns. You’re in charge, lead your settlements to greatness. Today, Pomelo Games is happy to announce that it’s laid-back settlement building game, Outlanders, is available now on Steam. The game is taking the, typical, micro-management style of the genre and shifts it to a more macro-management style. Players get to focus on the big picture, making sure their settlements run. A press release delves into all of the details about Outlanders. Furthermore, players can check out the Steam trailer from a few months ago for a better look at the game. 


Outlanders introduces players to the frontier. Your job, as the leader of a small group, is to ensure the success of your settlement and its people. Of course this means you will be responsible with managing the settlement’s resources, constructing new buildings and ensuring the happiness of each of your Outlanders. Importantly, this involves building new structures and collecting supplies from nature. Additionally, players will also be tasked with protecting their settlement from the dangers of the wilderness. Furthermore, the key to success is ensuring a healthy balance between your settlement and nature. If nature survives, so will your people. 

Players can get a better look at Outlanders from the Steam trailer. The trailer provides a glimpse at the gameplay and art style of the game. Check out the trailer below. 

Outlanders is out now for PC. It is available now on Steam with a host of new UI changes to make it more PC friendly. So, will you be headed to the frontier?