Lone Ruin Descends on a “Fool’s Errand” With New Update

Magical Cloaks 

It’s time to descend once again into the ruins of an ancient city. This time, however, it’s more of a suicide mission than exploration. Today, Super Rare Games is excited to announce the release of the newest update for their twin-stick shooter, Lone Ruin. The update, titled “Fool’s Errand”, is introducing a host of new content including new game mechanics and even a progression system. A press release provides more details on the update itself. Additionally, a new trailer gives players a slight glimpse of what they can expect in the update. 

Lost Ruin places players in the shoes of explorers searching the ruins of an ancient city searching for artifacts. Of course, you aren’t any regular explorer. Arming yourself with magical powers and an arsenal of spells you will need to survive the ruins themselves. Using the spells in roguelike, twin-stick, action players need to be ready for failure. It’s around every corner. However, failure offers a chance to grow. Mix and match your spells to figure out your favorite way to play. 

The Lone Ruin Fool’s Errand update invites players back into the ruins to gather magical cloaks. Importantly, these cloaks offer players a whole new addition to their arsenal. Each successful errand will grant players a cloak. Best of all they can grant additional powers. For instance, equip the cloak of bleeding, learning, or any other to gain a boost to that attribute. Of course, the new progression system invites more and more difficult errands. So, you need to be ready. 

Lone Ruin’s Fool’s Errand update is out today. The game itself is out now on PC via Steam and for the Nintendo Switch.