Iris and The Giant Adventures to Consoles

A Touching Narrative 

It’s time to step into a world of narrative and card-based battles. Prepare to face some inner demons. Today, Klabatar is pleased to announce the release of their roguelike card game, Iris and the Giant, to Xbox and PlayStation. Exploring a touching story alongside RPG action, players will enter a world of monsters and demons. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, players can check out the console launch trailer for a better look at the art style and gameplay. 

Iris and the Giant

Iris and The Giant places players in the shoes of Iris. As Iris players will face her imaginary world, her inner demons, and more in a touching story of a young woman overcoming herself. Importantly, the game mixes CCG, RPG, and roguelike elements to bring tactical battles to life. Furthermore, there are many ways to play as Iris. Players will build a deck as they play through the run selecting from over fifty cards, with each providing different ways to play. Of course, this means as players advance through a run they will develop their own playstyle from cards that fit how they like to play. 

The console launch trailer gives players a look at the unique, minimalistic, art style. Additionally, the trailer does provide a glimpse of the gameplay. Check out the trailer below. 

Iris and the Giant is out today on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. So, are you ready to become Iris and face off against your own inner demons? Grab it on consoles today.