Graphics On NBA 2K Feel Like Real Life

NBA 2K has a lot of things on its video game that feels like real life. It is a game that many NBA fans love to play, no matter what team it is or what mode it is. There are so many positive things about video games, but with anything that is good, there are also some negative features.

NBA expert picks are making their predictions for the 2023 NBA Finals. Could you imagine that they were real and you had them in your hands? Let’s see what are some of the positive things about the video game NBA 2K.

Graphics Feel Like Real Life

Years ago, video games used to be not even close in terms of getting close to real-life features. In today’s video games, they are very close to real-life graphics that it feels and looks scary.

When playing an NBA 2K game, there is a feature called instant replay. On the instant replay, you can view, for example, what play Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves just made.

If you scroll up at his face closely, it will look exactly like himself in real life. They make the graphics in these games as close as possible to the real person. This is why technology is so advanced in today’s age, and it is also a credit to the people who make video games on a year-to-year basis.

It isn’t easy trying to get to the real version of them. What also goes into consideration or however they make it, is the facial features and the skill sets as they would do in a real-life game.

Dunk Contest

Another cool feature of NBA 2K is the dunk contest. This is one of the highlights of the NBA regular season during the NBA All-Star Weekend. You can take a player and try and come up with some crazy dunks and try to please the judges. A good player to dunk with is Kenyon Martin Jr. of the Houston Rockets.

The judges can go anywhere from zero to 10 on a dunk, and there are five judges for the NBA Dunk Contest usually. The graphics on the dunk contest will also have fans who attend games in a real-life scenario. Martin Jr. will go up against computer and other dunk contest competitors.

Street Ball

If you don’t want to play in an NBA arena, that’s fine. There are options on the NBA 2K video game that you can play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc, on the streets in a park. What’s cool is that LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers could be facing Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks in a 1-on-1 scenario.

1 on 1 game is usually a make-it-take-it kind of game. There is rarely a loser who takes the ball after the guy scores, and the games are usually set to 11. The graphics of the street are usually cool because it is a grey ground and a real-life playground.

The Actual Game Itself

One of the main reasons why many NBA fans buy the NBA 2K video game is to play the exhibition mode. They want to use as many teams as possible on their own time and try and dominate the computer unless they are playing against a friend. Say the matchup is the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Philadelphia 76ers, and Cleveland is the team you want to use.

One of the first cool things about the game is that you get to set your own starting lineup. If you want to use the 12th man off the bench as one of the starters, go for it, but why would you honestly do that, to begin with? That probably won’t help you win the basketball game, or maybe they just want to have fun, and that’s all the NBA fans care about.

When the game begins, they announce starting lineups. In real-life graphics, the players get up from the bench and high-five their teammates. They also try to hype up the crowd in a real-life game scenario.

Once the opening tip-off happens, it then becomes a real-life game with the 24-second shot clock, tip-off, facial graphics, arena photos, and much more. This is why people want video games, no matter what the price is.