Dead Island 2 Collectible Figurine Available for Pre-Sale

Better Than a Postcard

After almost ten years since it was announced, Dead Island 2 is finally coming out. Maybe interest for the game has dropped off a bit since then, but there are still the believers. Perhaps this is the target audience for this collectible figure that you can buy right now.

With zombie-killing games like Dead Island 2, the characters kind of take the backseat to the gameplay and world. That doesn’t mean they cannot have personality or a background. In the case of one of the characters, Amy, we can see her personality and story conveyed in this statue.

Dead Island 2

This collectible figures has Amy sitting in a diner, enjoying a milkshake after putting down some zombies. Amy has a below-knee prosthetic leg, as she was a Paralympian before the world ended. She wears track pants, a sports bra, and a fishnet top.

Little details include blood splatter all over Amy, a fanny pack laying on the floor, and a dismembered zombie hand clinging to the back of her chair. The statue is made of resin and weighs just over 38 oz.

The starting characters in Dead Island 2 are named Amy, Dani, Bruno, Clara, Ryan, and Jacob. There aren’t any other statues of these characters, so we shall wait and see if others get the figure treatment or if Amy becomes the most popular.

Dead Island 2 will be coming out on April 21st for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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