Criminals Within Unveils Itself Today With New Announcement Trailer

A Daring Duo

It’s time to enter a medieval fantasy world. Only this time you aren’t exactly heroes. A deadly disease known as the Wither is spreading throughout the kingdom. It’s up to a royal guard and a criminal to figure it out. Today, Space Rock Games is happy to announce their debut co-op action adventure game, Criminals Within. The game is purely a co-op adventure and is currently in development. A press release provides some more details about the game. Additionally, a brand new announcement trailer shows off the art style of the game as well as the story. 

Criminals Within

Criminals Within introduces players to a fantasy world full of de-evolved dragons. A deadly disease. And two unlikely heroes. Players take on the role of royal guard Helena and her unmatched strength and her companion Jarel. Of course, Jarel is a burglar who is only reluctantly on this quest anyway. Yet, together they must discover the source of the deadly disease sweeping the kingdom. Importantly, the game is fundamentally a co-op adventure where each player will take on one of the characters and have a specific role in the adventure. Players will work together to solve puzzles, engage in skill-based combat, and take on bosses all in 3rd person. 

Of course, players can get a look at what’s to come in this adventure in the new trailer. The trailer also shows off the art style of the game. Check it out below. 

Criminals Within is in development. Currently players can wish list the game on Steam. So, are you ready for a new adventure?