Broken Lines Announces Free DLC The Dead and the Drunk for Consoles

Drinks and Zombies 

The battle lines are drawn. A misfit team of WWII soldiers are facing off against hordes of the undead and now they have kegs of liquid courage. Today, developer Bird Island and publisher Blowfish Studios are happy to announce a new free DLC for their narrative driven RPG, Broken Lines. The DLC, titled The Dead and the Drunk, is out now on PlayStation and Xbox. Importantly, the DLC is bringing a whole host of new content to the game. A press release provides more details on the DLC. Additionally, players can check out the PC release trailer from a couple years ago. 

Broken Lines

Broken Lines introduces players to an alternate timeline WWII. This time, a surviving group of soldiers will take on endless hordes of undead. Of course, there is the whole deal with pagan altars, reanimated corpses, and a mysterious occult phenomenon. However, all of these are just a few of the obstacles these soldiers will need to overcome in order to survive. 

Now, with the console release of The Dead and the Drunk, players can look forward to acquiring new weapons, perks, and items. For instance, drinking from their bottomless cask of alcohol can help these sober souls do more than take the edge off. It provides players with buffs they can use to survive as they scavenge weapons from those who couldn’t. 

Check out the trailer from two years ago for a look at the game’s DLC. 

Broken Lines “The Dead and the Drunk” is now available on Xbox and PlayStation.